Our translation & language services

  • Top quality translations from and into all languages
  • Specialised revision and editing of foreign language texts
  • Development of client-specific solutions (provision of specialist terminology, creation of multilingual glossaries, handling of urgent orders, etc.)


PROLOGOS offers its clients a universal translation service. We translate all types of text to the highest standard. These include specialised texts from the areas engineering, law, economy and business and culture, manuals and operating instructions, personal documents but also medical and literary texts.

PROLOGOS translates into and from all the world’s main languages but also, for example,  from Afrikaans or into Korean.

PROLOGOS always orients itself on the purpose of a translation and takes account of whether the text is just “basic” information or a legally binding text, whether it is internal information or whether it is intended for publication. We guarantee contextual diligence, terminological accuracy and stylistic consistency even in lengthy texts.

PROLOGOS uses state-of-the-art communications technologies and hence has access to both in-house and international glossaries and dictionaries. This also provides a guarantee to clients that translations are both correct and function-oriented.

Further offers

PROLOGOShas extensive experience in the area of localisation. Our technical equipment as well as the qualifications and the long experience of translation partners and employees allow processing of even large projects within a short period of time.


Editing and publication
PROLOGOScan take over the editing and publication of already formulated and/or translated texts of all kinds while strictly adhering to the intention, target group(s) and purpose of the texts.